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Reduce Pollutants with Modern Air Cleaning Products
Modern homes can trap indoor pollutants, keep your home healthy with high quality air cleaning products.
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Air Cleaners

We spend most of our time indoors and the quality of the air breathed here has decreased due to modern building techniques. A professionally installed air cleaner by Rescuetek Home Services helps improve your air quality. Combined with other air purification systems like UV lights, whole home HEPA systems, energy recovery ventilation, and humidifiers a new air cleaner will provide ideal comfort and a healthy indoor environment.

Top Quality Air Cleaning Systems

Rescuetek Home Services makes it easy to find air cleaning systems that will be compatible with your existing equipment or part of a new HVAC system. We offer top brands from leading manufacturers so you know your getting the quality products that will perform for years to come at a price within your budget.

Electronic Air Cleaners

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Many advances in air cleaning technology has occurred over the last few years. Hybrid air cleaning with high MERV rated pre-filters and electronic particle capturing systems have increased the effectiveness of these systems. Modern electronic air cleaners can remove the smallest particles without slowing air flow. An added benefit is that your equipment stays cleaner, prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC equipment.

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Healthy Home Solutions

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