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M Series Mini Split
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Mini Split Heating & Cooling

Ducted and Ductless mini-split heat pumps offer increased efficiency and comfort compared to traditional HVAC systems. These heat pumps reverse the direction of refrigerant flow to provide heating and cooling at 100% capacity to -5°F. The inverter-driven compressor of the mini-split can vary the output to specific zones for precise comfort control.

Mini-Split Comfort Ductless and Ducted Heat Pumps

Ductless and ducted mini-split heat pumps offer a modern approach versus the typical split system heating and cooling systems found in most homes. Mini-splits products output less carbon emissions, increased efficiency, and comfort to provide an upgraded HVAC system to receive the benefits such as:

  • Quieter Operation: Mini-splits operate at reduced noise levels, you might not even hear them running in most cases.
  • Increased Efficiency: These inverter-driven systems are one of the highest SEER efficiency ratings heating and air conditioning systems in the market.
  • Zoning Comfort: Better room to room comforts allowing occupants to set individual temperatures in specific areas.

Mini-Splits for Cooling Only or Heat-pump Heating and Cooling

If you just need to add cooling these are a cost effective way to achieve comfort in the summer months. You can also upgrade your traditional HVAC system to a heat-pump system to supply heating and cooling for optimal comfort throughout your building.

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