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Boilers have unique maintenance needs to run efficiently and smoothly, contact the professionals at Rescuetek Heating & AC for fast and friendly service.
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Boiler Maintenance

The Chicago area winters are unforgiving and can reach sub-zero temperatures in a flash. Your heating system should be maintained professionally to ensure proper operation and peak efficiency. Boiler failures due to lack of maintenance happen frequently here in Chicagoland, and are easily avoidable. If your heating system is boiler heat than give us a call to find out more about our expert boiler maintenance service. Homeowners throughout the area have relied on Rescuetek Heating & AC as there go-to HVAC service company.

For over 20 years Rescuetek Heating & AC has provided affordable HVAC services like repairs, maintenance, and installations. Find out why our customers rely on us for the top-quality HVAC services they demand. Call today or fill out the form and we'll get back to you shortly.

Boiler Maintenance Pro's Serving Chicagoland

Don't wait for an expensive break down to have your boiler checked. Many issues can be found during our routine maintenance service to help save you money such as:

  • Find problems before a major expensive breakdown occurs, like frozen pipes etc.
  • Extend equipment life by cleaning burners and pilot assemblies, flushing sediment, and checking combustion etc.
  • Check for Hazards like venting issues, and gas leaks etc.

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Help is a phone call away, or fill out our easy online form to get connected to a experience boiler technician. At Rescuetek Heating & AC we provide you with expert level boiler services at an affordable price. Contact our customer service experts now.

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